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When ‘insight communities’ aren’t right for you

What are insight communities?

Insight communities have been one of the big success stories of the last few years in research. The notion behind them of course is that consumers who have opted into an actively-managed long-term ‘community’ of like-minded consumers will be more engaged and provide more relevant, collaborative and in some cases quicker marketing feedback than would be feasible through more traditional methods such as focus groups and surveys.

All fine and good, except ……

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Marketing Automation: How Human is Your Research?

Guest Author Flex MR is world-leading online market research platform that we like to work with. Here is a blog post from them on the important topic of Marketing Automation

Delivering insights that have impact, resonance and clarity is always paramount for a researcher who needs to demonstrate the value of data analysis and running research studies. Many, many times there has been a lot of excitement in the room when a new piece of technology comes along that advances on that analytical capabilities and perhaps even speeds it up. 

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Communicating survey results fast and slow

The way market researchers have traditionally presented survey data in slide after slide of complex tables and charts can best be described as mind-numbing cruelty. The usual charts we see around are nowhere near as interesting as this one.  It is cruel to clients to impose dull complex charts on them. It is also a pretty ineffective way for our industry to communicate.  In this post, I offer some suggestions based on Fast and Slow Thinking.

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How to tell a story

I have another life, outside of Susa Bell Research  writes research consultant Suzanne a novelist, and my novels are historical fiction. Recently I gave a workshop on turning fact into fiction at a literary festival in Victoria. As I was working on it, Sue pointed out to me that several of my charts about turning ‘fact’ into compelling fiction are relevant to our research communication – where we try to tell a story.

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How to test written communications using system 1 & system 2 thinking

Communications testing is one of our most popular services. We test lots of written communications from Fact Sheets to Usage Instructions and Packaging Labels, digital and in print. It is part of our “Sense” suite of services. Daniel Kahneman’s ideas about thinking fast and slow - ‘System 1 and System 2’ - help us to design different tests for different written material. 

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Call them vendors, they will sell

The message of this blog is that the recent trend to calling researchers and agencies 'vendors' is bad for research. 

Call them vendors they will sell; call us research designers and we will think.

Clients keep telling researchers they are doing too much selling and not enough thinking. Three examples:

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The Tone Analyzer service helps individuals understand the linguistic tones of their writing

Further to my earlier blog on text analytics, I have just discovered this - IBM Watson combining content analysis with tone analysis.  Very clever.

 "The Tone Analyzer service helps individuals understand the linguistic tones of their writing. The service uses linguistic analysis to detect and interpret emotional, social, and writing cues that are located within the text. The service also offers rhetorical suggestions for an author to improve the intended tone of their message.

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