Research Consultancy Specialising In

Research With People Over 60

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We Specialise In Research with People Over 60

We Fill A Gap In The Australian Research Industry

We are market and social researchers.

We fill a gap in the research industry in Australia because we specialise in research with people over 60.

We provide independent professional insights and data, customised to your brief.

We Work With Organisations Who Want To Understand Older Australians

You will learn from our research the real-life experiences, behaviour, attitudes and perceptions of people who are at the ‘older’stage of life, whatever that means to you. You will learn about how this age group makes decisions about retirement, aged care and health.

This is a highly diverse and long stage of life, full of some momentous life transitions such as becoming empty nesters, maybe becoming grandparents and involving massive shifts in attitudes to health and fitness, work and retirement.

And Who Want To Un-learn Some Myths

Expect us to bust some well-established myths about ageing and retirement.

Our Research Is Ideal For Businesses And Government

Our services are ideal for businesses and governments who want to understand the behaviour, emotions, needs, wants, lives and perceptions of anyone over 60 whether that is about personal care, housing, work and retirement, money, health or aged care or something else.

We Customise Our Research

We use qualitative research, surveys and cultural insight in our work. Everthing we do is tailored to this age group and to the exact needs of our clients.

Susan Bell Research Clients

In The Words Of Our Clients

Giving Our Clients Insights Into What People Do, Think, Feel And Understand Is What We Do Every Single Day.


Because We Want To Make a Better World

Since we opened our doors in 1994 our aim has been to design research that helps our clients identify products, services and experiences that meet their strategic objectives and help create a better world for the people that they serve.

Susan Bell Founder & Lead Consultant

About Susan Bell Research

Susan Bell Research was founded by Susan Bell in 1994 in Sydney.

We work with financial services organisations, government and not for profits, and any organisation that cares about the wellbeing of its users, customers, members or stakeholders.

Insights From Our Retiree Research

“Highly refreshing! Susan sweeps away preconceived ideas to find out how real people aged 50 plus view and approach their financial decisions” 

Insights from qualitative research with retirees
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