Welcome to Susan Bell Research

We conduct user, customer and stakeholder research

We design research to give organisations the insights they need. We do this in three ways:

1. We invest time

We invest time with each and every client so that we understand their organisation and the insights they need. Here is what one client said about working with us: "Susan helped us conduct market research into potential audiences and best use of digital channels. She took the time to really understand what we were trying to achieve, proposed workable solutions that fit our budget, brief and timelines, and was flexible, approachable and responsive throughout our project. It has been a pleasure working with her and we are very happy with the clear, nuanced and actionable findings the final report has provided.”

Expect us to invest in understanding your brand, organisation, the landscape in which you operate and your objectives. We are then easily able to identify the best research method and technique to solve your particular problem.

We always start by making our process clear and involving you in our thinking. We always finish by interpreting and explaining the results in the context of your strategy and your organisation's purpose and capabilities. 

2. We are storytellers

We find the insights you need because we can see the story in the data. As you will elsewhere on this site, we are 'sensemakers'. Sensemaking answers the question' what is going on here?' When we see the story in the data so will you. The clarity you will gain about your customers, users and stakeholders will help you see them in a new light - make sense of them in fact. You will feel more confident about the direction you need to take, and more knowledgeable.

3. Speciaities

We have particular expertise in:

  • User testing of written content

  • Plain language

  • The sixties-and-over market segment

  • Custom-designing research for marketing and branding

  • Stakeholder surveys, and

  • Information journeys.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and mostly work for financial services, not for profit, and government agencies and have done for over three decades. 

You can trust us

We are proud to be long-term members of the professional association for researchers, the Research Society.