In-Depth Customer and Member Research

Including Specialist Research with Retirees and Other Older Australians and Specialised Message Testing

The Knowledge To Make Great Decisions

Our role is to design and conduct research that helps our clients develop the knowledge they need to make the decisions they want to make. That is why we call ourselves ‘knowledge seekers’ – we seek knowledge on our clients’ behalf.

We are also knowledge seekers in another sense – in that we are committed to building our own knowledge so that we can seek out the most useful insights in our work. This knowledge includes keeping up to date in our ‘scholarly’ fields of psychology, linguistics and sociology. It also means keeping up to date in the research methods and techniques we use and in our chosen speciality areas: financial services, the new lives of older Australians and complex message testing.

These Clients Gained The Knowledge They Needed

In The Words Of Our Clients

Giving Our Clients Insights Into What People Do, Think, Feel And Understand Is What We Do Every Single Day.


Because We Want To Make a Better World

Since we opened our doors in 1994 our aim has been to design research that helps our clients identify products, services and experiences that meet their strategic objectives and help create a better world for the people that they serve.

Susan Bell Founder & Lead Consultant

About Susan Bell Research

Susan Bell Research was founded by Susan Bell in 1994 in Sydney.

We work with financial services organisations, government and not for profits, and any organisation that cares about the wellbeing of its users, customers, members or stakeholders.

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