Avoid these ‘Ageing is Failing’ myths

To discover insights about retirees, pre-retirees, the un-retired, blended retirement, people over 60 – or whatever term you want to use – avoid these 4 myths.

  1. The Doom Myth: the wrong idea that everything to do wth ageing and retirement is negative.
  2. The Deficit Myth: the wrong assumption that the natural characteristics of age are in some way a kind of personal failing
  3. The Over 65s Myth – or Over 60s or Over any age really. Over 65 is not an age group. It is an age span during which people change.
  4. The It’s About Money Myth – the false equation of retirement wellbeing with effort to build financial success. Wellbeing in retirement comes from a multitude of factors inlcuding good health and strong social connections.

Businesses that believe these myths risk thinking themselves into an innovation and strategic dead end. This is especially the case for the myths that blame older people as somehow not having tried hard enough or of not having had an education that wasn’t available to them at the time – or similar failings that are not failings at all.

The better approach is to see this age span as a time of transition, which has various behavioural and attitudinal milestones. Older people have aspirations and goals for this time of life – let’s help them achieve them.

Why These Myths Are Bad For Our Community

The problem with media stories that convey these messages is that older people believe them and are de-motivated by them. If we want the older population to think ahead and plan isn’t it a better idea to convey what is actually the truth – that ageing is not failing? Many people enjoy this time of their lives as a time of freedom and social nourishment.

How Research Reveals The Truth

Commission us to conduct some qualitative research or customer journey research for you, and you will soon learn what your older customers and members want and feel – and how they want to be treated.

We are unique in that we understand the ‘older’ market from a cultural, social, and individual perspective – and we would love to work with you. To get started: contact Sue for an obligation-free chat.

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Susan Bell Founder & Lead Consultant
Sue Bell, Founder & Lead Consultant

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