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We are a boutique research and message testing agency based in Sydney. We work with organisations who want to improve the lives and experiences of their customers, members and stakeholders. We do this through customised research designed and conducted with care, curiosity, and commitment so that we deliver deep and rich insights to our clients.

We specialise in marketing research, communications research, message testing, and research about retirement.

Susan Bell Founder & Lead Consultant

Susan Bell, Founder and CEO

Hello. I am Susan Bell, the founder and CEO of Susan Bell Research, which I started in 1994. My idea was – and still is -to offer clients a boutique agency where our consultants can give each and every project the time and attention they need.
Central to our approach is our commitment to professional development and to
using the most advanced thinking for each field that we study.

I have been called one of the prominent voices in qualitative research worldwide. It’s not that I only do qualitative research – it is that I bring qualitative research thinking to everything we do, including survey design and cultural analysis. 1t’s the ‘thinking’ word that is important here.

I have been a pioneer in bringing thinking (that word again!) about how language works. I hove studied language and technical communication extensively and have used that to develop our own unique content testing framework.

I am now in my sixties so I enjoy exploring what life is like for people of my own age group whether they are working or retired or somewhere in between. True to form, I make sure that I study the literature about ageing and about retirement and hove used that knowledge to develop a research framework specifically about retirement mindsets.

Susan Bell Research ABN and accreditations

Susan Bell Research is a division of Les Bell & Associates. Our ABN is the Bell Settlement ABN 44 350 636 020.

We have ISO 20252 accreditation and therefore have policies and procedures in place to protect and manage data. We have an information security management system compliant with ISO 227001 – though as a small business we are not certified against it. Nevertheless, we describe our security posture as ‘well above average’.

Our Consultants

I have brought together a team of consultants who are trained in at least one of: anthropology, psychology, sociology, literature, linguistics, semiotics, marketing. behavioural science, and interaction and service design.

On any day, we could be doing a member test with investors over Zoom, conducting ethnography about take-away food use, running a focus group about tech adoption, designing a survey about a health app, or decoding images of wellness among older people – to give just a few examples.

l am the lead consultant. Suzanne Burdon and Jane Gregory hove worked with me as consultants for over two decades. We are all research dualists, in that we ore adept and experienced in qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Our Values

In the words of our clients

We take the time to understand
Susan took the time to really understand what we were trying to achieve, proposed workable solutions that fit our budget, brief and timelines, and was flexible, approachable and responsive throughout our project.
Government Agency
Unquestionably professional
“I have always found Susan to be unquestionably professional in her approach to the research assignment, sensitive to associated business information and the often confidential research themes that resulted.
Financial Services Organisation
Collaborative throughout
Susan thoroughly digests the client brief (and) is very collaborative throughout a project from beginning to end and I believe this is one of the reasons that the end research product delivers more than expected.
Marketing Consultant
Global FMCG and Healthcare
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Insights from qualitative research with retirees
Sensemaking for qualitative insight