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  • We understand how and why people think, behave, listen, read and talk

    Our clients gain deep insights into their marketing or organisational decision-making because our training in research methods, linguistics , psychology and marketing gives us a genuine understanding of how and why people think, behave, listen, read and talk.  

    These are our clients:

    If you are a small, medium or large not for profit or government agency or financial services organisation, we can help you




    My vision as a researcher is to make life better by helping our clients design better products, services and to communicate as well as they possibly can to their users, customers and stakeholders.

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  • We design research to meet the needs of our clients

    All you need to do is explain your problem to us and we will show you the research approach or approaches that will solve that problem for you within your budget.

    We bring decades of experience to this, so we can quickly identify the right method and technique to give you the answers you need.

    Our clients benefit from our extensive range of skills and techniques

    We are not only highly experienced survey designers and qualitative researchers, we are also highly skilled in discourse analysis, semiotics and sensemaking.

    We are specialists in testing written content

    Susan Bell Research offers a unique user testing method for written content. As a professional researcher, linguist and written communications testing specialist, I have designed our User Testing for Style and Content specifically to help our clients write clearly to their customers.

    We believe that the first step to writing well is understanding your users and how they read. 

    Confidentiality guaranteed

    We are Research Society company partners, and commit to the Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour.

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