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  • We believe in research that makes lives better

    This is our reason for being: research makes lives better. We are proud that our research has helped many Australians. We have helped organisations communicate more clearly so their customers understand what they are buying. We have helped to make sure that good financial products stay on the market and that some harmful ones do not. We have helped make biscuits more chocolatey, snacks crunchier.  There are so many other examples.  How can we help your customers?

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  • Are you faced with a choice about your business, marketing, communications or policy?

    We have the research expertise, resources and processes specifically designed for clients like you. Your situation is unique, so we take time with you upfront to understand your organisation, your strategy, your category and your customers, members, users, donors etc so we can design research to give you the insights you need. We then use our social science training to design innovative techniques that sit beside the tried-and-tested research methods that we use for deep understanding, and provide robust, actionable interpretation of the results. We are based in Sydney and have helped small, medium and large businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profits across Australia. 

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Our innovative and unique services

  • Consumer testing

    Have you communicated clearly?

    Consumer testing tests whether people understand your written words. 

    We have pioneered consumer testing using our specialist linguistic expertise. It continues to be used by many of the largest financial services organisations in Australia.

    We have helped these organisations create and rewrite their letters, statements, disclosure documents and forms so that people understand them. Read about our trial offer here.

  • Sensemaking

    The gap between how your customers perceive the world and how your organisation thinks they experience it. 

    We used our social science training to design a new research method called Sensemaking for our clients in changing or complex environments.  It helps us understand how people are thinking and feeling and how their sense of self is driving the choices they make. It is relevant to organisations focusing on sustainability and lifestage changes and any market where people make complex decisions. Read more here.

  • Qualitative sensory

    For product and service development and reformulation

    We offer a unique qualitative research method that helps businesses develop products and services to meet the sensory expectations of their customers.

    We combine our qualitative research expertise and our linguistic knowledge to identify the sensory benefits and features and experiences that customers and users are looking for.

    Read more here

    Our ebook is here

We are experienced in these sectors, methods and industries

  • Sectors

    √ Finance - insurance, investment ...

    √ Food and beverage

    √ Government

    √ The Arts

    √ Technology and infrastructure

    √ Disability and welfare

    √ Retirees

  • Methods


    One-on one interviews


    Online communities

    Focus groups


    Discourse analysis

  • People



    Business to business




    General public

  • Our work

    √ Audience



     Customer, user and victim experience

     Product and packaging



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