The key to understanding people over 60 is learning the truth beyond the stereotypes

Many ways to age

At Susan Bell Research we recognise that there are many ways to age, whether that means adapting to the changes brought on by age, and/or choosing to actively create change. 

For example, we see some people finding new meaning in their lives by 'reinventing' themselves or by 'rediscovering' themselves. Many are debt-free and free of formal responsibilities, so they are spending their money in other ways, on other things. This age group, like all age groups - perhaps more so  - use products to transform themselves, reinforce their sense of identity and to build stronger social bonds.

It is also helps to recognise that what matters to someone at at 60 will probably change at 70 and again at 80, 90 or 100! 

That old fashioned word 'retirement'

At some time after they turn sixty - any time really - most people do something that our society typically calls 'retire'. The images conjured up by this old-fashioned word do not help us to understand what modern retirement really is.  At Susan Bell Research our interest is in digging deeper and exploring what people in this age group want to do and when they want to do it and what we should call it.

Why are we interested in the sixties market?

There is nothing like reaching the age of 60 yourself and looking around at your peers, to realise that this is not one homogenous group. We were not all the same in our 20s' after all, so why we would all the be the same in our 60's?

With that very much in mind, we set out to use our research experience and personal knowledge to develop research techniques to show marketers and policy makers how to talk to this market in ways that will resonate and how to develop products and services that they will desire.

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