Introducing our new suite of research services for the Baby Boomer, over sixties, and pre-retiree and retiree markets


These research and testing products will be perfect for you if you market products and services to people over sixty, Baby Boomers, and Retirees and if you are a government agency or not-for-profit focusing on retirement or aged care.

This is quite a complex market, so it is best to use an agency like ours that understands this segment

We conduct customer interviews with people over sixty

Will conduct customer interviews to teach you how to talk to people over sixty.  What words, phrases and imagery resonate with them and what should you avoid?

We test concepts with people over sixty

Will people over sixty download our app? Will they use our online portal? What products and services do they want from us?

We develop customer personas and journeys for people over sixty

Don't make the mistake of creating one persona for the over sixties market. You are guaranteed to make that person look more elderly and infirm that is the reality!  We can help you develop real personas based on interviews with real people.

We show you how your customers over sixty use tech

What tech use can we realistically expect for people in this age group? There are a lot of myths out there about tech use by the Baby Boomer generation. We can show you the truth for your customers.

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Busting the myths about the over sixties / Baby Boomer generation

If you want to communicate to people over sixty - such as pre-retirees, and retirees - then first you must understand them

The key to understanding people over sixty - often called 'Baby Boomers' - is learning the truth beyond the stereotypes.  For example, we see some people finding new meaning in their lives by 'reinventing' themselves or by 'rediscovering' themselves. Many are debt-free and free of formal responsibilities, so they are spending their money in other ways, on other things. This age group, like all age groups - perhaps more so  - use products to transform themselves, reinforce their sense of identity and to build stronger social bonds.

At Susan Bell Research we recognise that there are many ways to age, whether that means adapting to the changes brought on by age, and/or choosing to actively create change. 

It is also helps to recognise that what matters to someone at at 60 will probably change at 70 and again at 80, 90 or 100! 

That old fashioned word 'retirement'

At some time after they turn sixty - any time really - most people do something that our society typically calls 'retire'. The images conjured up by this old-fashioned word do not help us to understand what modern retirement really is.  At Susan Bell Research our interest is in digging deeper and exploring what people in this age group want to do and when they want to do it.

Why are we interested in the sixties market?

There is nothing like reaching the age of 60 yourself and looking around at your peers, to realise that this is not one homogenous group. We were not all the same in our 20s' after all, so why we would all the be the same in our 60's?

With that very much in mind, we set out to use our research experience and personal knowledge to develop research techniques to show marketers and policy makers how to talk to this market in ways that will resonate and how to develop products and services that they will desire.

The results of our 2021 'Sixty somethings' survey

For a long time now, I have been feeling that marketers misunderstand the sixties market.  I have invested considerable time and money in this market segment so that Susan Bell Research can help our clients develop products, services and experiences and communications that resonate with people aged 60 and over. Here's an infographic with some of our recent data:

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How COVID19 affected retirement planning in 2020

How has the COVID 19 pandemic affected the retirement plans and expectations of people over 55 in Australia. Our infographic from 2020 shows you:

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