How to provide information and content to users when they need it

Information journeys are a type of customer journey

Information journeys are very specific versions of customer journeys that focus on what users do with your information.

Our research reveals the tools and resources that your users need and when they need them, so that you can develop the perfect information journey for them. Many organisations are trapped in conventional ways of imparting information to their users. Some, though, are taking advantage of the ‘information journey’ concept to improve how they share content with users.

There are two types of information journey

  1. The search journey, when users take the initiative and try to find out information from you

  2. The content interaction journey, when users use the information you share.

At Susan Bell Research we have developed a unique information and content journey research programme, based on sensemaking.

Information journey research is for you if you are asking questions like these:

  • How successful is our email verification process?

  • Do our users or members make claims for things they are not entitled to claim for?

  • Why don't our users use our self-service app?

Those are just a few examples of information journeys where you want users to interact in a certain way with your content.


Tags: Sensemaking, Information journeys, Content interaction, Interaction design

Sensemaking webinar for the Research Society

Sue Bell gave a webinar for the Research Society in June 2020. It is about the four different types of sensemaking and includes a case study of her work on vegetarianism.

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