Introducing sensemaking

Sensemaking is a new way to think about customer experience research, especially how people seek information and how they decide.

Sensemaking is about how people make sense of their world -  communications they receive, information they want, or the services they experience.  It is perfect for understanding how people try to figure out how to solve a problem - on their own, through search, and conversations with others.  

Unlike other research methods - such as customer journeys and choice modelling - sensemaking takes social relationships and connections into account. We are, after all, social creatures.

Unlike customer journey research, sensemaking research is for experiences that are not linear.

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  • How people search
  • How people deal with information overload
  • When customers want self-service and when they need your help
  • Designing a process, such as a registration process
  • How people make sense of the instructions for an unfamiliar service or device.

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