When to use sensemaking in research

Use sensemaking in research:

  • When your customers or users are overwhelmed with data

  • When you are puzzled by they way your customers or potential customers behave.

  • Instead of decision-making research if your market and customers are changing

  • Instead of attitudinal research or motivational research if your product or service is complex

  • Instead of behavioural economics. Sensemaking projects are about how people actually behave in the real world not how they behave in experiments - which is where most of the behavioural economics theories originate.

  • Sensemaking projects are non-judgmental. We don't say that people are flawed in their thinking. We say that people think the way they do to get things done in the best possible way they can at the time. Our job is to find out how they think.

  • Use sensemaking when your customers' journey is not linear. When people make sense of things, they do not do so in a linear way.  

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