Webinars and recordings

Why reading is like running

This new video explains why reading is like running. If you write to users or customers and want to make sure you achieve the best possible outcome, these insights from the science of language will help.

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The hidden problem in customer experience

In this short video, I explain how our user testing will help you solve a hidden problem in customer experience.  Hint: it's to do with language: 

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Making sense of retirement - IIEX Asia pacific conference recording

Here is the recording for my talk at IIEX Asia Pacific on the research technique we have developed that really capture that sense of change that we have all been experiencing.  My case study: pre-retirees and retirees in Australia


Sensemaking webinar for the Research Society

Sue Bell gave a webinar for the Research Society in June 2020. It is about the four different types of sensemaking and includes a case study of her work on vegetarianism.

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Webinar: Retirement is different now

There's a link here to the NewMR webinar 'Why Retirement is all different now' hosted by NewMR in August. 

Dave McCaughan shares his insights about what he calls 'Retryerment'. Aki Kubo shares some of his research about the ageing population in Japan - and I share some of our latest research findings about the much misunderstood 'sixty somethings'. 

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Presentation: The Changing Face of Research

In 2007, Sue and Suzanne presented a paper to the AMSRS conference on research techniques to explore the unconscious brain - the truth that is in there.  Many of these are still being promoted today and our critique of them is just as relevant.


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