Our user testing model for testing written content

Susan Bell Research has developed a unique model to use as the basis of our user testing for written content.

When to conduct user testing for written content

Our user testing of written content reveal how and why users react to the written content you have given them. Use it when you need to 

  • Convey technical, important or unfamiliar information to users

  • Communicate ideas or information to a market that is unfamiliar to you

  • Meet compliance or legal requirements.

Our user testing for written content model

As can be seen in our Model above, this form of user testing begins with empathy, where we understand what your users want , think and feel.  WE observe how they behave, j diagnose the reasons for that behaviour and propose new copy that wil engage your users more effectively


This form of testing answers questions such as

Will users understand the terminology we are using ? How can technical ideas be conveyed clearly without over-simplifying them? How can we convey important but seemingly mundane information so that our customers read it?

User testing of written content helps organisations write to their users

The purpose of user testing of written content is to help organisations understand how to write to their users.

Customers who cannot understand you or misunderstand your instructions will have a poor customer experience, leading to poor customer outcomes.  That is why user testing is essential.



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