User testing for content - what to test

We can test anything.  Examples below:

Some examples of our user testing for written content:


  • Where to find legal resources
  • Bicycle safety
  • Making a Will

Fact Sheets

  • What an investor should do if their broker defaults

  • Fact Sheets about Exchange traded derivatives


  • Applying for insurance


  • Letters denying claims
  • Reminder letters
  • Service update letters


  • Fees and charges for superannuation 
  • PDss
  • Statements
  • Statement of Advice
  • and more.

We are used to learning about complex topics and make sure that we have a knowledge-building stage in all our projects.

Our user testing for written content helps solve these problems:

  • Instructions that are so difficult to follow that customers give up, and go to a competitor

  • Information requests that are so difficult to understand that customers give you the wrong information 

  • Technical explanations or product descriptions that are so complex that customers do not understand what they have bought, or what their obligations are. 

We test how customers use your content or information resource across the whole buyer journey

  • Information that you want users to understand and use

  • Information that you want users to share with you.

What you will learn from our user testing for written content

You will learn about your customers - what they know and what they don't know about your product or service. You will learn the language they use and the language they understand.

  • We identify the words and terms that people do not understand
  • We show you how to define or replace those words and terms. We give very specific advice about this.
  • We show you the order to write the information in, for maximum clarity

We work closely with you, your compliance professionals and with your plain language trainers and consultants.

This service has been used by many of the largest financial services organisations in Australia. We have helped these organisations create and rewrite their letters, statements, disclosure documents and forms so that people know what to do with them. 


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