User, customer and stakeholder research: our philosophy

At Susan Bell Research, our philosophy is that all research should start with people. If you want to communicate to users, first understand those users. If you want to re-brand, first understand your customers. If you want to understand digital transformation in your market, first understand the people who interact with you. Because people have an innate drive to make sense of their experiences,  we think of people as 'sensemakers' not as 'consumers' or 'respondents'. 

The key to understanding people is to figure out what the person wants to do when they interact with your product, service or message. It is all about context. What do they need from you? What do they think about you? How does this make sense in their world?

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Our linguistics, psychology, marketing and research expertise

Our customer, stakeholder research and user testing is different because it is based on a combination of research expertise and the psychology of language. We are professional researchers, trained in linguistics, psychology, and marketing. Our expertise and our processes exist to give us a genuine understanding of how and why people think, behave, listen, read and talk.  We are highly experienced survey designers and qualitative researchers, and highly skilled in discourse analysis, semiotics and sensemaking.  

Language is a uniquely human gift. Language is central to everything that users, customers and stakeholders do and central to everything our clients do. For us, the ability of the human race to use language to communicate complex topics to each other in myriad ways is something to celebrate. As researchers who specialise in language, our sensitivity to how people express themselves gives us greater insight than any non-language technique can hope to achieve.

That is why we designed our user testing method based on the science of language and why Sue Bell is a member of the plain language community.

Consultative approach with our user, customer and stakeholder research clients

Built into our process is a high degree of consultation, where we spend time understanding your needs and your audiences, users, customers and stakeholders.

All you need to do is explain your problem to us and we will show you the research approach or approaches that will solve that problem for you within your budget.  We bring decades of experience to this, so we can quickly identify the right method and technique to give you the answers you need.

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