Digital transformation research and user testing

Our digital transformation research and user testing is for organisations who want to transition to digital experiences. We help our clients do this by understanding users' Jobs to be Done.

Our approach to digital transformation research

Digital transformation is something that organisations need to get right, but the risks of getting is wrong are high. There are often many debates within organisations as to how well users will engage.

The key to getting it right is do the research and user testing right.  The key tp getting the research and user testing right is to that it must be based on real understanding of and empathy with users.  Stereotypes and cliches about millenials and boomers have no role to play here. 

How quickly users will adopt digital transformation will depend on four things:

  1. What the user actually wants to do
  2. Their circumstances - what kind of devices do they have for example? How convenient are current non-digital services?
  3. Their familiarity with digital interfaces.  How much do users need to learn?
  4. How well the interface speaks their language. 

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