We custom-design research to meet the needs of our clients

All you need to do is explain your problem to us and we will show you the research approach or approaches that will solve that problem for you within your budget.

Your information needs are unique. It is more cost-effective to ask us to design the right method than it is for you to to buy an 'off the rack' method that in the end does not give you what you want.  We bring decades of experience to this, so we can quickly identify the right method and technique to give you the answers you need.

How we custom-design research to meet your needs

  • We use our detailed discovery process, described here.

  • We spend the time to study your industry or speciality

  • We use frameworks based on our social science, linguistic and marketing knowledge.

Examples of questions our clients have asked

Research about marketing and communications

  • Which sponsorship offer will work best?

  • Should we rebrand? 

  • Which message will resonate the most with our market?

  • Which concept should we take to market?

Research about channel use

  • How do we make a self-service channel work for us?

  • What information channels are users using and why?

Research about customer journeys

  • What are the key pain points on our customer journey?

  • How do our customers or stakeholders make decisions?

  • What information do users need from us on their journey?

Research with stakeholders

  • What do our stakeholders need?
  • How do our stakeholders perceive us

  • Why do they choose us over our competitors and vice versa?

  • What are ethical investors looking for?

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A word about confidentiality

We are happy to sign NDAs before you brief us.  

We are members of the Research Society so we are bound by the Code of Professional Behaviour. This includes guaranteeing the confidentiality of client information. 

For a quote or a confidential discussion about your research needs