Not for profits often have complex problems to solve

Solving complex problems

In our experience not for profit organisations often have complex problems to solve - especially how to communicate effectively to customers, members and other stakeholders.  Researchers need to understand of course the limited budgets that these organisations work with.

We have developed efficient ways to help our not for profit clients understand their market by focusing on the information that will be of most use, whether that is:

  1. Who: Who your customers or potential customers are. In some markets, you may need to know simple demographics, for business markets the key measures may be role and industry.
  2. Messages: what messages will most resonate with your market?
  3. Journeys: How does a non customer become a customer?  What steps do they take, what information sources do they use?
  4. Behaviour: What do customers do, use or buy, how often, where  etc. 
  5. Motivations: what drives these or customers? What are they looking for? Why do they buy from or use your competitor?
  6. and more, as relevant to your brand or market