Our experience in customer, stakeholder and user research for government

The government agencies and departments we have worked with

We have worked extensively with state and federal government agencies

  • Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (the ACCC)

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

  • The Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC)

  • Federal Treasury

  • The Motor Accidents Authority (now SIRA)

  • The Productivity Commission

  • National Archives of Australia

  • The NSW Police Force

Our research expertise in customer, stakeholder and user research for government

We have six areas of specialty that are useful for government departments seeking research partners:

  1. Financial services expertise and knowledge - financial advice, financial literacy, insurance, investment, superannuation, and retirement policies and practices

  2. Research with people in vulnerable situations, such as people with a disability, the aged population, victims of crime.

  3. User testing for written language and information, especially for complex and technical topics

  4. Customer journeys for complex situations such as victims of crime and people claiming compensation

  5. Stakeholder surveys - we have conducted these for ASIC, the Productivity Commission, and Treasury

  6. Digital transformation

Tags: Customer journeys, Stakeholder Surveys, Government research, User testing