Meeting your 2021 regulatory obligations 

Many financial services organisations will be busy in 2021 ensuring that they meet all the latest regulatory changes including Claims as a Financial Service, the new Design and Distribution obligations, and the Duty of Reasonable Care. We understand these issues, so we can easily help design and conduct the right research for you. We also understand consumers' and investors' need for advice and their appreciation of and concerns about that advice; and the self-service strategies that people put in place to act independently of advice. 

The needs of people in vulnerable situations are complex. Our experience is that qualitative research using mixed methods is the ideal research approach.

  1. Our primary area of expertise is the language of financial services, especially what is known as 'customer testing'. We have developed the customer testing technique so it meets the needs of our clients in 2021 and beyond. 
  2. We have also contributed significantly to industry's understanding of financial services customers' needs, perceptions and motivations.

Sue Bell has been invited to speak at many round tables and similar events on disclosure, financial literacy, and retirement planning.

We have argued in many forums that 'disclosure doesn't work'. Indeed, Our work was cited extensively in the report Disclosure: why it shouldn't be the default. So, we are delighted to see the release of the new Design and Distribution Obligations. Financial products must be designed to meet real needs and distributed properly so that vulnerable people are not misled into buying products they cannot use or cannot afford.

We test whether people understand:

√ Product descriptions

√ Labelling

√ Instructions

√ Forms

√  Brochures

√ Statement and letters 

We are the experts in testing of financial services documents and processes having tested hundreds of documents, forms, letters and statements with thousands of customers for some of the largest financial services organisations in Australia. The origin of this work was in testing disclosure, but as the regulatory regime evolves towards Duty of Reasonable Care so do our testing protocols.  This method is also suitable for testing labelling and instructions of any kind

Our needs, perceptions and motivations work

We have conducted in-depth qualitative research and extensive surveys to understand the needs, perceptions and motivations of:

 √ Investors

√  Shareholders

√  Superannuation fund members

√  Financial planners, and their clients

√  Funeral insurance

√  Income protection insurance, trauma insurance,  life insurance

√ Direct life insurance

√ Personal injury insurance

√  General insurance

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