How do people choose when to retire?

How do people choose when to retire? How do they plan, if they plan at all?  We conducted a survey for Industry Super Australia which they submitted to the Retirement Income Review. You can find it here.  

We have also conducted some in-depth Sensemaker qualitative interviews for a recent conference.

For about a third of recent retirees, life in retirement can be difficult because they are not making ends meet or are on a very tight budget.  Almost four in ten retirees described their financial circumstances as ‘not making ends meet’ or on a ‘very tight budget’. The rest ‘had some spare cash’ (32%) or were ‘comfortable...we can do things like travel and other activities’ (30%)

Pre-retirees perceived their current financial situation in similar terms to recent retirees: 33% said they were not making ends meet or were on a very tight budget. Pre-retirees who were the least comfortable had current incomes under $30,000 a year and/or said they had a chequered work history to date in that they had taken time off work for health reasons, because of redundancies and/or to raise children.

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