Financial services research

"Unquestionably professional"

"I have always found Susan to be unquestionably professional in her approach to the research assignment, sensitive to associated business information and the often confidential research themes that resulted.  ....  This was especially true when the research brief required additional value add from the supplier. Susan is skilled at working with management to fundamentally understand what the business is trying to achieve and how to go about actioning the market research findings."  Head of insights, financial services organisation 

Insurance, superannuation, investment, financial advice and retirement products

Research with customers, users and stakeholders in the insurance, investment, superannuation, financial advice and retirement sectors form the backbone of the work we do at Susan Bell Research.

Many of Australia's largest financial organisations have benefitted form our insights and knowledge of this market - knowledge based on thousands of interviews with the users of financial services of all kinds, as well as hundreds of interviews with financial planners and brokers.

To help our clients understand and respond to emerging issues in this sector we conduct user and customer research about:

  • Digital transformation,

  • Financial advice,

  • Financial literacy,

  • Mortgages and reverse mortgages

  • Personal, business and general insurance including insurance in super

  • Investment,

  • Superannuation,

  • Retirement,

  • Compliance and regulatory issues, 

  • Claims and complaints, and 

  • The direct channel and the advisory channel

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Meeting your 2021 regulatory obligations 

Many financial services organisations will be busy in 2021 ensuring that they meet all the latest regulatory changes including Claims as a Financial Service, the new Design and Distribution obligations, and the Duty of Reasonable Care. We understand these issues, so we can easily help design and conduct the right research for you. We also understand consumers' and investors' need for advice and their appreciation of and concerns about that advice; and the self-service strategies that people put in place to act independently of advice. 

The needs of people in vulnerable situations are complex. Our experience is that qualitative research using mixed methods is the ideal research approach.

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How do people choose when to retire?

How do people choose when to retire? How do they plan, if they plan at all?  We conducted a survey for Industry Super Australia which they submitted to the Retirement Income Review. You can find it here.  

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Policy case study: structured investments

‘Capital guaranteed’ or ‘capital protected’ products are complex structured investments that typically offer investors returns linked to the performance of shares or investment markets, with some assurances about the return of their original investment at maturity. Derivatives, such as options, are commonly embedded within the product structure. The purpose of the research was to understand how well informed retail investors were about capital protected and capital guaranteed investments, and to document how these investors chose and evaluated this type of investment.

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