Our research on insurance, superannuation, investment, financial advice and retirement

Research with customers and stakeholders Insurance, investment, superannuation, financial advice and retirement form the backbone of the work we do at Susan Bell Research.

We have conducted thousands of interviews with the users of financial services of all kinds, as well as hundreds of interviews with financial planners and brokers.

Insurance, superannuation, investment, financial advice and retirement: the topics we have covered

To help our clients understand and respond to emerging issues in this sector we conduct user and customer research about digital transformation, financial advice, financial literacy, personal, business and general insurance, investment, superannuation and retirement, and compliance and regulatory issues.

We understand how to research investors, shareholders, superannuation fund members, financial planners, and their clients; people paying for their funeral; income protection insurance, trauma insurance,  life insurance, direct life insurance, personal injury insurance, general insurance; reverse mortgages. 

We have researched digital transformation, new business processes, claims, and complaints.

Are you a compliance / regulatory professional wanting to understand your customers' or users' perspective?

As trained linguists, plain language experts and experienced researchers, we can help you meet your Duty of Reasonable Care and other compliance obligations, using our specialised user-testing method. 

We bring independence and objectivity to this, as well as breadth and depth of research expertise, and our extensive knowledge of how people use language to communicate.

We do more than advise you of the impact of complex design and poor communication; we use the research we have conducted for you to help you rewrite or redesign your communications.

We have spent many years conducting research on topics like this and are currently developing new ways to help financial services organisations. 

The key to this is understanding your customer or user. 


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