Everyday Rituals: The Sunday Morning Confessional

I mean 'confessional in the 'getting it off your chest' kind of way.

My daughter and I went for a walk and a talk around Narrabeen Lagoon last Sunday, as we do some times. One of the things we talked about was what had happened at work during the week.

Nothing confidential that shouldn't be shared outside the office, just going over some of the dramas about who said what to whom and how we felt about that.  Every now and again we crossed paths with other pairs of women doing exactly the same thing.  One woman was saying to her companion 'those are my KPIs' as we passed her going in the other direction.  A little later, we came across another woman mid-narrative to another woman about some event in the office -  'but what were the dots for!' she exclaimed with obvious derision.  It was as if we had all discovered a place where it was safe to talk and safe to unburden ourselves without consequence.  We didn't see any men doing this. The man were either in dad mode -  cycling with little kids - or in solo sports mode trying to cycle or run as fast as possible.

The way we  and the other women behaved fits really neatly with some of the academic work on rituals, especially the idea that for emotional transformation to occur we physically have to go to a different place which somehow has its own rules.  There is also a suggestion that this temporary break in the social order has the effect of making things seem right again, getting us ready to return to normal life.

Ready to return to work on Monday morning.

I am going to write occasional blog posts as this I notice these everyday rituals that are so closely entwined into our ordinary lives. These will be featured here on my blog, on my Twitter and LinkedIn pages as well as my quarterly newsletter which you can subscribe to here.