How people talk in online qual – it’s all about the moves!

Qual research is all about talk

The debate about online bulletin board qual and face to face qual usually focusses on the technology – whether it is available, and whether or not the target market is comfortable with the method. Some are and some aren’t is the short answer. 


What is more interesting to me is how to moderate with each method so we get the right result. Since so much of moderating, especially online, is talk, I have had a look at what we know about differences in how people talk online and how people talk face to face. And not just how they talk, but how they talk to each other.

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In Brief: What Makes Insight So Hard to Achieve?

Charlotte Pearson is Client Services Manager for FlexMR. With a research background in the health sector, Charlotte is ideally placed to conduct and interpret sensitive research projects with the necessary understanding and empathy. Her project management skills are second to none.

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Sense, senses and sensibilities

Since 2015, we have been developing a framework which captures the style of work we do here. I thought I would explain where this idea came from:


So many mainstream research agencies offer the same thing -  quant and qual and 'actionable strategic insight'. Talk about boring. All the researchers working with Susan Bell Research are generalists, and we like conducting quant and qual research of all types and (blush ..) have the skills and strategic nous to do it, but saying 'we are good at quant and qual and strategic insight' is as exciting as a restaurant saying 'we sell food'.

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Enjoying face to face groups again

A few months ago after a bit of a break from face-to-face groups, I walked into a group room where my participants were all sitting ready for me, and I immediately felt at home. While we shouldn’t choose our research methods on the basis of how much the researcher enjoys them, the truth is enjoying your work makes a huge difference to the outcome.

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A Bot’s Guide on How to Moderate

I have been observing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community’s very impressive and clever development of Bots and expert systems for some time now.  Some of the biggest tech companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple have been putting serious money into this kind of AI. Bots can do many amazing things, some of which seem to have a research application. Some can convert text to speech, some speech to text, and some can summarise text data in a fraction of a second.

But can any of them moderate?

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Customers, Consumers & Shoppers: What's the Difference?

Dorota Rewinska is an experienced Insight Manager at FlexMR – providers of the world leading online research platform built by experts for experts. Having overseen many large-scale, multi-method projects during the course of her career, Dorota is skilled in all research methodologies. She manages online qualitative research projects with flair and ease, matching client needs with research methods that will achieve the most insightful results.


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