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Our Research Reports Submitted & Cited during the Banking Royal Commission

Recently, the impact of our work was seen at a national level during the Banking Royal Commission where several of our reports were submitted for consideration.

We conduct many projects on emotional, sensitive or challenging topics, connecting with customers who are in difficult or confronting circumstances of various kinds. Our research into emotion-driven decision-making focused attention onto the impact on individuals navigating life-changing decisions about superannuation, retirement and investment.

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Three facts about complex decision-making

Deep understanding of the decision making process can enhance the way an organisation addresses the pain points of their customers and stakeholders.

Here are three key lessons we have learned in our work researching how people make difficult decisions, especially long term decisions like whether or not to retire, or whether to invest in a self-managed super fund.

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Get more out of focus groups with one-on-one interviews

One very simple way to get more out of focus groups is to conduct individual interviews with group participants afterwards. We do them by phone, but any other method would work just as well. We have been doing this for our victims of crime project.  The benefits are:

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