Recently, the impact of our work was seen at a national level during the Banking Royal Commission where several of our reports were submitted for consideration.

We conduct many projects on emotional, sensitive or challenging topics, connecting with customers who are in difficult or confronting circumstances of various kinds. Our research into emotion-driven decision-making focused attention onto the impact on individuals navigating life-changing decisions about superannuation, retirement and investment.

Several of our reports were submitted to or  were cited during the Banking Royal Commission by ASIC and other government or not for profit agencies.

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

We were proud to discover that our recent  consumer research report into consumers’ experiences with the sale of direct life insurance REP 588 Consumers’ experiences with the sale of direct life insurance was submitted (by ASIC) to the Banking Royal Commission.  

ASIC and several not-for-profit organisations who made submissions to the Commission also cited our work, specifically.

The Financial System Enquiry

The earlier Financial System Enquiry had referenced:

  • Our 2013  report on capital protected investments: Report REP 340 ‘Capital protected’ and ‘capital guaranteed’ retail structured products
  • An unpublished report on disclosure  The provision of consumer research regarding financial product disclosure documents: Research report for the Financial Services Working Group, Susan Bell Research, Sydney. 2008
  • And an unpublished report on How Australians plan for and make decisions about their retirement, Sydney, May 2010

National Welfare Rights Network

National Social Security Rights (previously known as National Welfare Rights Network) have published our report and cited it in several submissions to government: How does the National Welfare Rights Network add value to clients?   


We are proud to have contributed to these important national debates.



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