The ESET Cyberawareness Index Australia for 2019 was recently published online.

This consumer survey was designed and distributed by Susan Bell Research and I was fortunate enough to be the pilot tester for the survey before it was made available to the public.

I always enjoy testing surveys. I find the process enlightening, and this survey was particularly interesting. Being a survey tester for Susan Bell Research usually means reviewing surveys to assess their usability and proofing to ensure the best experience for the end user. 

The ESET survey however spoke to me directly as a daily user of the internet through multiple mobile devices. So I was recruited to pilot test the survey as I met the specifications of the ideal survey participant.

The published results of the survey were on one hand anticipated and expected, but I was quite surprised and informed by many aspects of the results – particularly in regards to online banking.

The fact that cyber security best practice needs to be improved for the individual is no surprise, I’m often stunned at how lax some of my contemporaries are when it comes their personal security online. Not locking devices with a passcode or bio security tech such as face recognition or fingerprint is common, however – the percentage of people who use public WiFi for financial transactions (36%) is astounding – with many understanding the hazards but still taking the risk.

It was interesting also to note the wide ranging up take of mobile technology in Australia, and the popularity of each (Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops etc. – I use all of the hardware listed in the survey!) I was also reminded of the security aspects of the popular operating systems (Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft) and the importance of downloading updates regularly with the required security patches – something Apple iOS leads the way in.

The most valuable take away I received from testing and completing this survey was how I could improve my own mobile security. Straight after reading the results and recommendations of the survey I strengthened my two step authentication and changed the passwords on the accounts most vulnerable to cyberattack.

I feel a lot safer and believe that any other mobile tech user who reads the report will also reflect on their own practices online.


Author: Heather Hammond for Susan Bell Research

Tags: Surveys