How we handle personal data

Jane Gregory is a member of the Susan Bell Research Team, and our Quality Manager. She is also the Professional Standards Officer for AMSRS. In this article, she explains how AMSRS helps members like us keep up to date with the way we handle personal data. Here are some of the things we do:

  • When we interview, we remove the name of the person we have interviewed, and any of their contact, personal or financial details as soon as we no longer need them (which is usually very soon).
  • We sometimes need to transfer identified information to and from our employees and subcontractors. This information is either transferred via encrypted email (using S/MIME or GPG), or via sharing with Google GSuite, which encrypts data at rest and also over the Internet via TLSA. All employees are required to use two-factor authentication. 
  • We are audited independently each year for ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) certification.

Please feel free to ask us how we handle your information, or the information you have supplied to us about your customers or stakeholders.

Jane's article first appeared in the February-March 2018 edition of the Australian Market and Social Research Society’s publication Research News.