Don't test written content in focus groups

It has never been so important for brands to write clearly and effectively to their customers, yet the techniques most research agencies use to test written communications have not kept up with the times.

Many clients still use focus groups, because that is how they have always tested advertising. 

I love focus groups, but here are three reasons why we need to test written communications such as brochures, websites and correspondence individually, not in groups.

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How to Design a Chat Bot for Market Research - Whitepaper from Flex MR

FlexMR is the world leading online market research platform. They have recently released a whitepaper where they discuss the potential of Chat Bots for Qualitative Research.

In this whitepaper they reference an article I wrote about the 'moves' that a moderator and a participant make during a real-time group discussion and how we can use those 'moves' as the starting point for how a Chat Bot should be designed. 

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The best ways to use stimulus material

What's the best way to use stimulus material in qual?

Qualitative researchers can use a broad range of stimulus material to get much more out of the discussion.

In fact, we would even go so far as to say that the best focus groups (bulletin board and face to face) use stimulus material as the foundation of the discussion. The stimulus material should be closely related to the thread of the discussion and should be at the core of what participants are talking about, rather than an unrelated or occasional fun activity designed solely for engagement or involvement.

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Semiotics the Problem Child of Qualitative Research

I had great fun talking to Kevin Gray and David McCaughan on their MR Realities podcast about Semiotics 'the problem child of qualitative research'

You can listen to the full podcast Here


What did you gain from this podcast? Do you think that culture does your thinking for you? Is semiotics really the problem child of qual research? I'd love to hear your feedback!   Contact Sue on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to test written communications using system 1 & system 2 thinking

Communications testing is one of our most popular services. We test lots of written communications from Fact Sheets to Usage Instructions and Packaging Labels, digital and in print. It is part of our “Sense” suite of services. Daniel Kahneman’s ideas about thinking fast and slow - ‘System 1 and System 2’ - help us to design different tests for different written material. 

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Do you ever say "does that make sense?"

If you don't say it yourself, do you hear it said? 

A few years ago, I kept noticing how often I said it, and how often I heard it said. It got me thinking. We all know what 'makes sense' means, but somehow these words are missing from the typical researcher lexicon. Researchers talk about 'decisions', 'choices', 'motives,' 'drives', 'needs' and 'attitudes'. When I looked around, no researcher was talking about 'making sense' even though it is a phrase we use in our everyday lives all the time. 

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