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The neuroscience of making sense of each other

The drive to make sense

One of my current preoccupations is sense-making, the drive that people have to make sense of things, so  I am always on the look-out for more information about it.  I was therefore delighted to find this piece from Leonhard Schilbach about how human beings make sense of each other, especially how we do that during social interaction.

Two neural networks

It seems that we have two distinct neural networks which help us make sense of other people:

  1. Mirror neurons which we use to make sense of other people based on our own understanding of ourselves; and
  2. A Mentalising Network where we have a ‘third person’ grasp of other people’s mental states.

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Three guests celebrate qualitative research with me*

I invited three guests to celebrate qualitataive research with me:

  • Ben Nitshcke is the Strategy Director of NationCreative. He loves the messiness of qual, and so do I!
  • Oana Rengle celebrates how qualitative research helps us understand complexity
  • Hamsini Shivakumar values the holistic benefits of qualitative research.

 I hope you enjoy this compilation and find it useful

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