The Tone Analyzer service helps individuals understand the linguistic tones of their writing

Further to my earlier blog on text analytics, I have just discovered this - IBM Watson combining content analysis with tone analysis.  Very clever.

 "The Tone Analyzer service helps individuals understand the linguistic tones of their writing. The service uses linguistic analysis to detect and interpret emotional, social, and writing cues that are located within the text. The service also offers rhetorical suggestions for an author to improve the intended tone of their message.

Call them vendors, they will sell

The message of this blog is that the recent trend to calling researchers and agencies 'vendors' is bad for research. 

Call them vendors they will sell; call us research designers and we will think.

Clients keep telling researchers they are doing too much selling and not enough thinking. Three examples:

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Enjoying face to face groups again

A few months ago after a bit of a break from face-to-face groups, I walked into a group room where my participants were all sitting ready for me, and I immediately felt at home. While we shouldn’t choose our research methods on the basis of how much the researcher enjoys them, the truth is enjoying your work makes a huge difference to the outcome.

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Sense, senses and sensibilities

Since 2015, we have been developing a framework which captures the style of work we do here. I thought I would explain where this idea came from:


So many mainstream research agencies offer the same thing -  quant and qual and 'actionable strategic insight'. Talk about boring. All the researchers working with Susan Bell Research are generalists, and we like conducting quant and qual research of all types and (blush ..) have the skills and strategic nous to do it, but saying 'we are good at quant and qual and strategic insight' is as exciting as a restaurant saying 'we sell food'.

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Solving complex problems with sense-making

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around it"  1

Sense-making is a new way to think about how to research complex problems. It does that by focussing on how people ‘make sense of’ concepts, communications and marketing offers of all kinds.

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Have you ever hugged Christmas? How to get more out of qualitative research

Does it really matter how you conduct qualitative research, as long as you do it right?  No not really. There are all sorts of good reasons to use all the current qual methods including ethnography and social media analysis.

The real insight comes at the analysis stage by using the right kind of analysis. Though this varies a little from country to country, from an Australian perspective there are five different types of qual analysis we can do, each one giving a different insight.

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