What should we do with all these images?

So much of consumer-based qualitative research these days is about visual imagery. The researcher may take their own photos or collect documents, packs and products during the fieldwork. For many projects we ask participants to upload photos, collages and videos.

The question is: what do you do with it all? You could just count them I guess, but that misses the whole point of qualitative research, which is about exploring and learning about some one else's life.

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Why services are different

Back in the mists of time when market research began, most research projects were about products. I know that in my early days as a researcher, I spent a lot of time researching jam, beer and insecticide!

Researching products is a one-sided affair: we want to know how the person buying or using the product behaves. We can't ask the product about its experience...

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Did you know there are least 4 different expressions of wellness?

A few weeks ago, Jane, Suzanne and I caught up in beautiful Gerroa on the NSW South Coast for a workshop on the semiotics of wellness and well-being. We wanted to identify how ideas of wellness and well-being are currently expressed in Australian culture. Gerroa proved to be an inspirational spot! We found that marketers of wellness products should bear in mind that there are at least 4 different interpretations of what this word and concept mean swirling around in Australian material and visual culture.

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Customers, Consumers & Shoppers: What's the Difference?

Dorota Rewinska is an experienced Insight Manager at FlexMR – providers of the world leading online research platform built by experts for experts. Having overseen many large-scale, multi-method projects during the course of her career, Dorota is skilled in all research methodologies. She manages online qualitative research projects with flair and ease, matching client needs with research methods that will achieve the most insightful results.


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Our future industry is in great hands

I ran a course at AMSRS Winter School yesterday and came away very impressed with the next generation of market and social researchers.

Our topic was one-on-ones, so we mostly talked about qual.  Several people there had just a few years' experience in research yet they seemed fully cognizant of the whole range of qual techniques, and had used many of them. Not only that, they were very committed to choosing the right method for the objectives and maintaining very high ethical standards - raising topics such as privacy, confidentiality, and dealing with sensitive issues. I was impressed.

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