Brand equity

One of our clients wanted to know what their brand equity was. They are a service business, highly reliant on the people who deliver the service to build emotional connections with customers. 

We conducted individual stakeholder interviews to find out what the brand stands for, what its values are. 

We discovered a strong emotional connection between the brand and its stakeholders. However, like many brands, it has evolved over the years.  While it is still firmly entrenched in the category where it originally made its name,  in recent years the brand has gained a reputation in a new niche. How the brand communicated to both of these markets was going to be key to its future success.

We used exploratory qualitative research for this client which allowed us to use our more advanced interview techniques to understand how the stakeholders positioned the brand. The end result were very clear guidelines for our client about what they needed to communicate to each segment and how they should do so.




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