Why use a retiree insights specialist for your over 55s research

These are the benefits you gain from using a specialist in retiree insights for your over 55s research

1. You will see beyond the stereotypes

Stereotypes about older people, seniors and boomers are everywhere aren’t they?

As a retiree insights specialists, we can help you see beyond these out-dated assumptions. We understand people in this age group from our many years interviewing and surveying people about superannuation, pensions, and investments for our clients, as well as our own self-funded research with retirees.  We base our advice on data.

2. You will understand ageing

Marketing to the over 55s means marketing to an ageing cohort with all its benefits and disadvantages. Older people are happier and more knowledgeable than younger people. But we can’t ignore how the process of ageing changes people. As specialists, we help you see beyond the superficial.

3. We know what you are talking about

We have conducted so much research on retirement products and policies over the years and we keep up to date with legislative changes in the industry. We understand the language. We know what matters to you. From the financial services perspective for example, we know the difficulties of creating a scalable advice model for different retiree cohorts, and the challenges that funds face explaining risks to retirees.

4. We are experienced researchers fluent in all the techniques and methods of research

Each of our consultants has several decades’ experience in research. We are members of the Research Society. Each of us has a background in the social sciences and/or has undertaken training in behavioural economics, design thinking, journey mapping or semiotics.

Susan Bell Research specialises in message testing and in the pre-retiree/retiree markets. We offer research consultancy, user testing, qualitative research and survey research.

Susan Bell Founder & Lead Consultant
Sue Bell, Founder & Lead Consultant

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