Testing a Significant Event Notice for a Super Fund

  • Superannuation Fund
  • Message testing

Members of our superannuation fund client needed to make choices about changing their investment options by a specific date. This had to be communicated via a Significant Event Notice (SEN).

Within our client’s organisation, there was much internal debate about how to write and design the SEN because it was necessarily long and detailed. On the one hand, the SEN included information that members had to act on, but it was well known that few people read financial information.

We used our specialist message testing service, which draws on our expertise in plain language and interaction design, to conduct Zoom interviews with the fund’s Accumulation and Pension stage members.

Our insight: we showed our client how to use headings and layout to optimise the information that disengaged members looked at.

This gave our client the confidence to revise the document. Following the launch of the SEN, our client was delighted with how few calls there were to the call centre, given the complexity of some of the SEN’s content.

Susan Bell Founder & Lead Consultant
Sue Bell, Founder & Lead Consultant

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