Detangling Drawdown: for Super Consumers Australia

Susan Bell Research conducted a large scale mixed methods qualitative and quantitative research project for Super Consumers Australia.

The research was conducted with people aged between 65 and 83.

  • Super Consumers Australia commissioned the research to understand how this generation of retirees actually make their decisions.
  • The organisation wants to help retirees make optimal drawdown decisions so they spend what they are able to, while avoiding the under-spend and over-spend risks at different stages of their lives.

The research results:

  • Retirees were drawing down the minimum stipulated by government because that was all they needed, or were following advice
  • People over 65 with inactive super accounts are not all the same – some  do not need the money, some might work again
  • People over 67 have accounts in accumulation mode because they are still working
  • Few people in this age group understood the tax benefits of pensions

Super Consumers Australia summarised the results in their blog and used the insights in their advocacy.

Susan Bell Founder & Lead Consultant
Sue Bell, Founder & Lead Consultant

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