We help financial services organisations meet their customers' needs and regulatory obligations

Our research helps financial services organisations explain and market their products and services to their customers or members in a language they understand in a way that meets regulatory requirements

  1. Our primary area of expertise is the language of financial services, especially what is known as 'customer testing'.  We have developed the customer testing technique so it meets the needs of our clients in 2020 and beyond. 
  2. We have also contributed significantly to industry's understanding of financial services customers' needs, perceptions and motivations.

Sue Bell has been invited to speak at many round tables and similar events on disclosure.  As an example of our work on disclosure, we conducted the consumer testing for changes to RG97. Our work was cited extensively in the report Disclosure: why it shouldn't be the default.  We also understand and support the move away from reliance on disclosure alone, and are developing research methods to help financial services firms meet their Design and Distribution Obligations.

Our consumer testing work:

√ Disclosure

√ Labelling

√ Instructions

√ Forms

√  Brochures

√ Statement and letters 

We are the experts in consumer testing of financial services documents and processes having tested hundreds of disclosure documents, forms, letters and statements with thousands of customers for some of the largest financial services organisations in Australia. The origin of this work was in testing disclosure, but as the regulatory regime evolves towards Duty of Reasonable Care so do our testing protocols.  This method is also suitable for testing labelling and instructions of any kind

Our needs, perceptions and motivations work

We have conducted in-depth qualitative research and extensive surveys to understand the needs, perceptions and motivations of:

 √ Investors

√  Shareholders

√  Superannuation fund members

√  Financial planners, and their clients

√  Funeral insurance

√  Income protection insurance, trauma insurance,  life insurance

√ Direct life insurance

√ Personal injury insurance

√  General insurance

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