Testing Written Documents

Use this service when you

  • Have a document or form that you know is complex, and want to learn how to make it usable by customers.

  • Have a new document or form and need evidence about how it compares with a previous version

  • Are writing something technical for a customer or user for the first time.

  • Need to find a new term that describes your product or service

In Financial Services, the term ‘consumer testing’ means testing wording and written documents with members of the intended target market to determine whether the target market understands them and knows how and when to use them.

Learn from us:

Be aware that people who test documents will often react emotionally. Consumer testing needs careful controls and procedures to ensure that testers are answering the questions we have asked, not a question they wish we had asked!

Good writing is not just about clarity. Writers want readers to pay attention to and engage with the material.  This is how to do that:

  • Design for the eye

  • Make people curious

  • Write about them not you

  • Start with something easy

  • Use signs to show new information 


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