User testing for style and content 


The first step to writing well is understanding your users and how they read 

Susan Bell Research offers a unique user testing method for written content based on the psychology of language, and inspired by the Jobs to be Done philosophy.

I am a professional researcher, linguist and written communications testing specialist.  I designed our User Testing for Style and Content to show organisations how customers experience their content, from three perspectives:

  1. Customer experience. How do you users feel after reading your content?  Were they engaged? Empowered? Did they feel empathy, or were they left feeling cold, with no idea what to do next?
  2. Compliance.  What did your users read and what they understand? And really importantly what did they misunderstand or guess?
  3. Consistent brand voice.  Does yur written content speak in your the same 'voice of your brand' as your other communications?  


We specialise in user testing of information about products such as investment and processes such as applying for insurance that are difficult to explain without resorting to jargon. Our service also helps organisations write about complex ideas - like How to Write a Will.


Our user testing helps solve these problems

Our user testing helps solve these problems:

  • Instructions that are so difficult to follow that customers give up, and go to a competitor

  • Information requests that are so difficult to understand that customers give you the wrong information 

  • Technical explanations or product descriptions that are so complex that customers do not understand what they have bought, or what their obligations are. 

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