We bring skills in linguistics and plain language training to our user testing

Reading is central to almost all digital communication, especially for complex and technical products and services. Reading is actually a complex sensemaking skill. People vary in how skilled they are. Our usability testing is based on the psychology of reading - how people read - so we know how to ask the right questions to assess understanding.

We have studied conversation science, so we know how people talk about what they have read. We can therefore quickly determine when someone has misunderstood. People also vary in how they give information, especially how much they are willing to give. 

Our plain language training means that we know how to write complex information in plain language, so we can guide you.

Benefits of working with us

  • We have the resources to design, conduct and analyse your project
  • We work closely with you and with your plain language trainers and consultants
  • We have user testing interviewing and obesrvational skills
  • We identify the content  that people are confused by or struggle with.
  • We recommend how to re-write that content We give very specific advice about this.
  • Examples:
    • User stories. People vary in how well they understand information given to them. The task they want done also affects what information of theirs they will give and what of yours they will use
    • User journeys.  User journeys have pain points when users abandon giving or using information because it is too difficult.  
    • Engagement levels vary.  Users skim through some sections and pour over others. This is sometimes driven by the content, sometimes by the language and sometimes by the affordances.


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