What do our customers really want?

People sometimes do things that seem contradictory. They seem to say one thing and then do another

This is a feature of many categories that we have worked in. The answer is usually very clear once we explore these beliefs in more depth. 

  • For example, why do some vegetarians eat meat sometimes?
  • Why do vegans avoid leather but some vegetarians don't? 
  • Why don't retirees plan for their retirement?

Our Sensemaking interview method is the ideal way to help organisations make sense of their customers. One of the best insights we can share here is to stop using labels until you understand more about the people the labels refer to.  If you label someone a 'vegetarian' you will then judge them against your idea of what vegetarian means. Let them tell you, in their own words. Qualitative research using reflexive interviewing is best for this.

It will  all become much clearer. 


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