Stakeholders and audience research

Designing stakeholder and audience surveys requires great research expertise. The survey must be an independent and unbiased measure of stakeholder/ audience opinion; the sample must reflect stakeholder / audience groups fairly. At the same time the client needs to protect key relationships. Our advice is to allow time upfront. Do not hurry this.

We have conducted stakeholder and audience surveys with some of the most influential people in Australia, including CEOs of the major banks, wealthy arts donors, and senior people in government. We get results because we make sure that our surveys are short, well-written, easy to complete and designed specifically for that audience. We have also conducted stakeholder surveys with people in vulnerable situations.

We cover Business to Consumer; Business to Business; Business to Government; Government to Business; Government to Consumer. 

Expect these stages:

  • Consultation
  • Questionnaire and sample development
  • Cognitive testing of the questionnaire
  • Survey distribution
  • Analyis
  • Reporting, to published standard when required.

At each stage, we supply drafts for review by the client.


  • Phone
  • Online including mobile
  • Face to face
  • Hard copy

We bring to our survey research the same skills as for qualitative research: people-centred thinking, client-focused design and deep understanding of human behaviour.

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