Our compliance/ disclosure testing service

We have developed innovative ways to conduct research for compliance / regulatory professionals.  These are  new ways to help compliance professionals understand how people behave and how they understand compliance messaging. We have learned so much from our our original service 'consumer testing' service which tests documents with readers. We are currently developing other ways to conduct research to meet the needs of this target market.

Token compliance is not good enough

The services that many organisations provide to their customers, users and citizens are complex. These services  can be difficult to understand and even harder to explain. The same is true of some organisational procedures and processes for employees. In the past, some organisations would have treated these Fact Sheets, disclosure documents, instruction manuals and the like with little more than token compliance.  After the Banking Royal Commission we know that token compliance isn't good enough. Organisations must communicate clearly. Professional writers and trainers can help but research also plays a key role.

The key to this is understanding your customer or user.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view find out how.

Tags: Disclosure, Consumer testing, Compliance

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