What is sensemaking?

A naturalistic way to understand decision-making

We believe in the value of 'sensemaking in research. Sensemaking is not just a new method or technique, it is a whole new way of thinking about how people make decisions in the real world.

When people want to make sense of what they are doing or bring sense to what just happened to them, they tell a story about it. So, we gain insight into how people make sense of their experiences by listening to how they talk about the decisions they made.

We know that people often act before they decide what they want to do so we don't force participants in research to try to shoehorn their very real experiences into the kind of artificial models of decision making that many in our industry promote.

This is fresh thinking - you will not find this kind of research anywhere else. We are always happy to challenge existing ways of doing things.

To find out more go to When to use sensemaking'

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