We make sense of decision-making

If you are looking for an intelligent research approach to understanding how people really make decisions - especially complex or new decisions - such as how to invest, what product to buy or which service to use  you have come to the right place.  

All complex decisions are unique and need to be researched accordingly

  • Some decisions are made quickly but others take take a long time,even years, to make.

  • Sometimes people act, and then decide.

How to research complex or new decisions

  1. We use our sensemaking framework to understand how to research these decisions.
  2. When researching these kinds of decisions, we must first identify what kind of decision this is.  How long does it take?  Who are the influencers and when do they influence? What effect will cultural, community, and personal values have? 
  3. What does a good decision look like? How could a poor decision be improved?

How not to research complex or new decisions

  1. Do not rely on a 'one size fits all' method  like neuroscience or nudges.
  2. Take note of biases and heuristics but do not stop there. You will need to know when these biases and heuristics are used and what effect they have. 
  3. Remember that people do not rank order list of attributes in their head, or make choices about attributes they have never thought about before.


Talk to us because we understand behavioural science but have also developed our own 'sense-making' approach.



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