How your organisation communicates

Syllabell is desk-based analysis of anything your organisation has written, based on discourse analysis.

Syllabell diagnoses how your organisation communicates through language - its 'linguistic palette'. It is also a quick way to define your competitive context through analysis of the language used on competitors' websites or social media.  This technique is for clients who want to understand what people mean as well as what they say. We are linguistics trained, so we understand how to read the words that people write or speak and understand what they mean beyond what they say. We have studied discourse analysis in depth. 

We have an ebook on discourse analysis and several blogs:

Case Study - discourse analysis of websites

Our client is planning to relaunch a significant part of their business. This client is a not-for-profit organisation with a small research budget. We are conducting an online survey to gauge customer motivations for them but there is insufficient budget to conduct any exploratory qualitative. Therefore, we conducted a discourse analysis of all the websites of a range of similar organisations worldwide. This analysis clearly revealed two very different ways to communicate the benefits of the new offering. We then tested these two ways to communicate in the survey.


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Tags: Semiotics, Discourse Analysis, Ethnography, Hybrid methods, Language

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