Surveys and measurement

Do you want to conduct a survey?  Then we can help you design it, conduct it, analyse it and interpret it.  Examples include:

  • stakeholder surveys 
  • audience surveys
  • communications audits
  • concept tests
  • customer experience surveys
  • packaging tests
  • product tests
  • Incidence and usage and attitude surveys.

We custom-design to your brief. 

Some tips:

  • Always do a cognitive pilot test - ask us about this. 
  • Always include free text questions
  • And if at all possible, do some qualitative research first.

Professional quality reporting

Many of our reports have been published - see here for a list - which tells you about the professionalism of our reporting. We find the story in your data and communicate the findings clearly.



Tags: Surveys , Stakeholder Surveys, Hybrid methods

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