Exploratory qualitative research

Qualitative research is 'Discovery' research

 Sue Bell has been described as one the 'prominent voices' in qualitative research globally by the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) and  was recently  invited by QRCA to be one of only four speakers to speak at their global event The Future of Qual.

Qualitative research is for the exploratory or discovery stage of a research project. 

  • It helps you understand  why your customers, stakeholders, audience members do or don't do something.

  • It helps you understand how to to develop an idea so that people want and can use it.

  • Do you want to understand how people are changing  in this changing landscape  - to find out all the new ways that people think and feel? Then you need qualitative research. To be exact, you need qualitative research that shows you how people are making sense of the new world they are living in.

  • Qualitative research focuses on the meaning that using (or not using) products, services and brands brings to people's lives.

Our expertise

At Susan Bell Research, we offer a rare perspective which is a blend of anthropology, psychology and linguistics. For example, we understand anthropological concepts like rituals, psychological concepts like needs and drives, and anything to do with the language. We are expert moderators. observers, interviewers and analysts.  Expect us to take a dynamic, engaging and imaginative approach.

We use all qualitative research methods:

      • Online and face to face focus groups, communities and interviews
      • Ethnography
      • Discourse analysis and semiotics
      • and we are pioneers and experts in sensory qualitative research.

We know there is no one 'best' method for qualitative research, because the method needs to be tailored first of of all to the people we want to speak to and understand, and secondly to the research problem. 

We have interviewed

      • Consumers about food, drink, finance, personal care, household care, tech, and transport
      • Kids and teens about tech, toys and food
      • Seniors about aged care and retirement options
      • People in vulnerable situations such as asylum seekers, insurance claimants, and victims of crime
      • Business execs about investment, and stakeholder relationships

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