The social sciences


We bring research expertise and academic knowledge from linguistics, literature, psychology, sociology, marketing and ethics.

Our social science backgrounds mean that we see beyond the conventional.

We think about 'people' not 'consumers'. We know that emotions and imagination define and drive our experiences, which is why we love to talk to people in our research!

We do not simply observe.

We appreciate the uniquely human gift of language. Linguistics expertise and knowledge of other communications theories are at the heart of our written communications research. We know how language works.

Symbolism and rituals

We know how people use symbols to express their emotions. These symbols can be public symbols which convey a person's desired self image to others, or private symbols which convey this meaning to yourself. 

People use rituals to create meaning. To cite just two examples, these can be large scale public rituals like Christmas, which many people use to create and express shared values about 'who we are as a family', or small-scale rituals such as a practice known as 'heirloom transfer' in which people give special possessions to family members.




Tags: Rituals, Language, sense-making, Symbolism,, social science

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