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Our Sensemaking approach gives clients qualitative insight into how and why people make the decisions they make. 

Sensemaking is most useful for research about

  • Difficult or life-changing decisions
  • Decisions that take time
  • Decisions that people seem to get wrong

It can be used in tandem with

  • Behavioural insight

  • Customer Journeys

Sensemaking uses qualitative methods:

  • One on one contextual interviews are ideal

  • Couple / family interviews

  • Ethnographic / observation

Sensemaking questions

The questions and topics covered in sensemaking interview are shown in our unique sensemaking model which draws on a broad range of social science theories as well as insights from sensemaking projects in information science, anthropology, and cognitive psychology. We can explain it when you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The benefit of a sensemaking approach

If you keep hearing the same things in your research projects, you may need to disrupt your own way of thinking. We believe that seeing things from a sensemaking perspective will help you see your research problem with fresh eyes.


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